My name is Wendy and I am slightly obsessed with all things photography. My goal for 2010 is to take a photo a day and post it here, on this blog. At the end of the year, I should have a pretty good idea what 2010 looked like. Let's hope 2010 looks better than 2009.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 180

180 Just chillin'. This is my second son and third kid. He's a typical middle child. I've been making an extra effort not to let him get "left out" or "over looked". I was a middle child and I understand. He is sweet and kind and smart and thoughtful.

Day 179

179 One thing I do like about living in Idaho is the sky. You can see for miles and miles and there's good chance the sunset will be gorgeous in the summer.

Day 178

178 My friend and I found ourselves with 6 fewer kids than our regular 9 so we took the little boys out for dinner one night. Little boys make my heart sing!

Day 177

177 I dropped my husband and brother-in-law off at the top of Big Cottonwood one morning so they could mountain bike somewhere far (I can't remember where they went). I brought along my camera because I knew it would be beautiful. And it was. But I really need a wide angle!

Day 176

176 This gives me the heebie-jeebies! Too close for comfort!

Day 175

175 Help!!!

Day 174

174 Hogle zoo. The kids love this elephant because it squirts water out of its trunk. Perfect for a hot summer day.

Day 173

173 The game of Life.

Day 172

172 Play ball!

Day 171

171 Typical teenagers. Too old for fireworks and eternally connected to a tech device.

Day 170

170 Kids! Don't do this at home! My husband is a sucker for a dare.

Day 169

169 Launching balloons toward the elementary school. Shhhh....

Day 168

168 Playing with a balloon launcher while we waited for the sun to go down and start fireworks.

Day 167

167 The kids are all prepared with their bags to fill with candy from the parade. Not sure if Jack is giving me the "just shoot me" sign or not...

Day 166

166 Every 4th of July we head to my sister's neighborhood where they have their own celebration. A pancake breakfast, a hometown parade, and a carnival to top it all off. This is her husband and daughter in their vintage red bug. My kids love it because anyone and everyone can be in the parade and they all throw out Sweet's salt water taffy and tootsie rolls.

Day 165

165 A couple of Gleeks. Maddy and her friend had fun posing for me. My quick job of color selection leaves much to be desired but ...you get the idea.



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